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How to Stream Movies with Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media streaming application software. It can be used for streaming media contents such as Movies, TV Shows, Music, Sports, and much more. Kodi also supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. It contains a lot of add-ons, skins, and builds.

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In Kodi, you can organize all of your media files like movies, TV show episodes, music videos, and other videos, music collection and all through this one system. It will find information about all your files like their date of release, starring actors, episode summaries, or cover art as well as displays all of this information in an attractive format.

One of the major advantage of using Kodi is that it is very easy to control using a remote or using an app on your phone. You can run Kodi on your television and then select a new movie or change the volume. In Kodi, you can organize the files that you already own and also you can install add-ons for Kodi which let you stream movies over the Internet for free. On the below section, we will show you how to stream movies with Kodi.

How to Stream Movies with Kodi?

To stream movies with Kodi there are two different methods. One way is by installing Kodi addons. There are many movie addons for kodi available in the internet. The other method is based on library. Once you can add all of your files to your library, you can start watching your movies. The interesting fact about Kodi is that it’s designed to be used from a distance as well as up close. It can be easily controlled by a game pad or remote as well as using keyboard and mouse which means that it’s perfect for watching movies on your TV while you sit on your couch in comfort.

  1. First, you have to open your Kodi app on your PC or Laptop.
  2. From the Kodi Homepage, you can click on the “Movies”.
  3. Now, you can see a list of your movies with the title and year of each movie in the middle, a synopsis of the movie on the left, and the poster of the movie on the right. If you want to change how your movies are displayed, you can press the “left arrow” and then change the “View type” from “List” to another of the options. In that, the Poster and Wall options are really very nice.
  4. Now you can click on the Title or Poster of any movie and it will start playing in Kodi.
  5. Suppose, if you can’t see your movie in the library, you need to do two things:  Try to restart your Kodi app which will force the library to update. After that, all of the videos in your added folders should appear in your movies library.

Make sure that your folders have the “This directory contains” setting set to Movies. Check this by going to “Files” and then right click on the name of your movies folder and then select “Edit source”. Now, you can click “OK” to confirm the location and then you can change the “This directory contains” setting.


How to Stream Movies with Firestick

The Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are the two best movie streaming devices among the others. These streaming devices are low-cost, fast, easy to use as well as thousands of free applications are available for you to install. One of the important things is these are the best free movie watching application. Combined with Firestick, these will help you to get the best home cinema at a lower cost. Here are some of the best applications that will allow you to stream movies on Fire Stick.

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How to Stream Movies on Firestick with apps ?

1. Kodi

2. TeaTV

3. Crackle


Kodi is a free and open source media streaming apps that allows you to stream free movies on Fire Stick. It has been existed for more than a decade and includes hundreds of fast, reliable and useful add-ons, all for free.

It has so many options for the entertainment, you can choose whatever you like from a music or an organized party playlist to seeing a lot of TV shows. You can also see full-fledged HD movies on your Amazon Fire Stick. Through Kodi, you’ll have access to over thousands of movies of almost all genres just by a single click.

It is also having some interesting feature that allows you to store your favorite TV shows. It supports multiple operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. But, Kodi is not directly available on the Fire TV app store. You need to install it manually.


This is a movies and tv shows streaming application from many different sources around the world. So you can enjoy thousands of movies and tv shows without worrying about the server.

Suppose, if you can’t able to connect to the Internet to enjoy your favorite movies, do not worry, the TeaTV movie download feature will help you solve this problem. In this feature, you have the option of downloading movies and TV shows of various quality and you are able to watch them whenever you want. Most of the movies and TV shows on TeaTV are both HD and Full HD.

What about the application interface? A lot of people are interested in this issue when using a new application. And I appreciate TeaTV user interface (UI). The Movies and Catalogs are arranged to optimize the usages of the Fire Stick remote control.


Crackle is yet another great free video streaming service app from Sony Entertainment. By using Crackle, you can easily find the best award-winning movies and TV shows without any interruption.

You need to register on Crackle to see amazing TV shows, movies and web series on your Amazon Fire Stick device. Anyhow, you need to create an account on Crackle to enjoy the freedom of accessing its content. If your children accessing such devices, there is always a risk of them getting exposed to some adult content, which has to be avoided at all costs. Surprisingly, Crackle has also taken care of this by adding a Parental Control feature in the app, to filter the content according to age.

How to Stream Movies with Roku

Roku devices are simple to set-up and easy-to-use. It comes with some powerful features like Roku Search which makes it effortless to find whatever you want to watch. It also allows you to access 4,000+ free and paid channels. So, you can stream almost anything. The Roku streaming players needs an Internet access to stream contents.

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The Roku streaming players are more comfort, convenient, and cost effective way to watch TV. You have to plug it into your TV and then connect to the internet, then set up a Roku account, and finally start streaming your favorite movies.

You can access the Roku Channel Store on your Roku streaming player to add new “channels”. You need to purchase or required to pay a subscription for some channels and some others allow you to watch movies and TV shows for free.

How to Stream Movies with Roku?

  1. First, you have to press the “Home” button on your Roku remote.
  2. Now, you can scroll up or down and then select the “Streaming Channels”.
  3. Next, you have to select the “Top Free” to view the most popular free channels.
  4. Now, you can choose a channel and then press “OK” button  to view more options.
  5. Finally, you need to install the channel by selecting “Add channel” option.

Once downloaded, new channels are added to the list of channels under Home on the main screen of your Roku device. Scroll down and you will see your new channel at the bottom of your list of channels. If you prefer, the channel can be moved higher in the list.

5 ways to stream free movies on Roku

1. Crackle

2. VUDU Movies on Us

3. Shout Factory TV

4. OVGuide

5. Tubi TV


Crackle offers full-length movies, TV shows, music documentaries, anime and original programming. Although Crackle bills itself as catering to men “Crackle specializes in hand picked movies, TV shows and original programming in guys’ favorite genres – like action, sci-fi, horror, crime and comedy”. In addition, there is plenty of content here for women and kids as well.

VUDU Movies on Us

Vudu offers movies in three formats: standard-definition (480p and 480i), high-definition (1080p and 1080i) and ultra high-definition (2160p) or commonly known as UHD or 4k. The Standard-definition movies are scaled to higher 1080i/p resolution and an high-definition movies can be output at 1080p24. The source of Audio is in Dolby Digital Plus and the output is in Dolby Digital 5.1 with the option of stereo output. But, the Audio is limited to stereo playback on HTPC/PC/Mac platforms.

Shout Factory TV

Stream movies from genres including Martial Arts theatre (plenty of Jackie Chan) and old Westerns, as well as TV shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and unique titles including WilfredThe Weird Al Show, and every episode of the original Dennis the MenaceTV series.


OVguide offers movies from a wide range of movie genres from action to horror to world cinema and everything in between.

Tubi TV

It has been launched in April 2014 and it comes with more than 20,000 television and film videos, the largest library of free, available media content online. AdRise announced a licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures for the rights to 50 films per month on Tubi TV in march 2015.

How to Stream Movies with Smart TV

Today, when the market there are hundreds of new technology TV models, of which 10 years ago we could only dream of, so many people became interested in the question of how to stream movies with Smart TV?

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After all, Smart TV app is on many modern TVs, in particular, on the technique of the brand Samsung, Sharp, LG, Philips and others. In fact, this useful function allows you to watch movies, and even some online channels absolutely free of charge directly from the TV. Now let us see how it is done.

There are various Internet-connected devices are available which allow you to stream movies directly to your TV for every type of entertainment consumer. You can also stream movies with high-screen resolution, a suite of built-in apps and wireless Internet connection, Samsung Smart TVs are the ultimate in viewing entertainment.

If you are going to stream anything, you need to get the proper hardware such as a router and one of the Internet-connected devices as well as a high-speed Internet connection. If you want to stream movies continuously, you can use the faster Internet connection. To take full advantage of ever-improving high-definition, or HD, technology, the faster the connection, the better.

How to Stream Movies with Smart TV?

Starting Smart TV

In order to watch Smart TV, you do not need any application – this function should be built into the TV. And for its launch on the remote is a button. Therefore, to start Smart TV, you just need to find on your remote control and press the corresponding button on it.

Configure Smart TV

To configure Smart TV, you must connect your TV to the Internet. It is easiest to use for this your home wi-fi.

How this is done, analyze the example of the TV Philips 32PFL5007H model (depending on the model, the appearance of the window may be different, but the action will still remain the same). So, a turn based to configure Smart TV guide is as follows:

  • After pressing the button on the Smart TV users report that it needs an internet connection. Click “Next”.
  • Select the option of internet connection – wireless or wired. In the second case, the TV will need to connect a regular cable with RJ connector In this example, the house has wi-fi, so we choose the first option.
  • To find your wi-fi, you need to press the “Scan”
  • In the list of found networks to choose their own, then the user will see a menu that isshown.
  • Push the button “Enter key” and see the screen shown in the image. In the field, circledin red, you need to enter a password on your network and click “Finish” button, circledby a green border.
  • Thereafter, the user will see roughly the window shown in the image. There will need to choose one of the sites that allow you to watch movies for free. In our case the standard menu already has one such site – Zoom by.
  • Click on the tab of the page get to the service.


How to Stream Movies with Chromecast

The streaming services list is very huge and some of the famous streaming services are HBO GO, Hulu, Netflix. These subscription-based services have never been easier to watch movies.

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As great as these services are, there are a few drawbacks. We can get around it with rooted devices and most of these services region can lock their contents due to the country networks. There are some networks who refuse to get it and make their content available to streaming services. There are multiple ways to stream movies with chromecast. Now, we are going to see a service as trumps all the rest and as an added bonus and will show you how to stream movies with Chromecast.

The Show Box is one of the best free movie and TV show streamer which is specifically designed for Android. It is a lightweight and constantly updated with the latest releases as well as posting new TV show episodes the day after they air. Out of all, the app runs directly on stock devices and there is no root required and all you need to do is to enable the “Unknown sources” on your device.

How to Stream Movies with Chromecast?

Step 1: Install Show Box

The Show Box app can be downloaded directly to your phone. Just head on over to the developer’s website on your One’s internet browser.

After the download completes, you can install the app just like you would any other.

Step 2: Browse for your Favorite Movies & Shows

If you are opening the app for first time, you will see the categories which are present at the top-right for Movies, Shows, My Library, and Updates.

The Movie and Shows sections offers a huge collection of contents to stream. There are search and filter options that can help you find what you are looking for if you are feeling indecisive.

The Updates section will be refreshed every time you open the app, and holds all the newest content that was released up until that point.

Step 3: Add to Your Personal Library

If you want to set up the My Library section, you can select on any movie or show and then press the “Add To Library” button. Once added, the content will be in the “My Library” tab so you’ll never have to scroll or search for it again.If you download any content, it will be stored in your library. You only having the permission to watch the contents without any time delay.

Step 4: Watch Your Content

If you’re ready to watch, you can simply select the content and then choose the quality. Finally, click on either Download or Watch Now option.

If you  are not checking the “Use internal player”, you can select your own video player to watch the content.

Step 5: Stream to Your Chromecast

Suppose, if you are having apps like Allcast, Avia, or LocalCast, the Show Box will be the best streamer for these apps. You can use them to make the ultimate home streaming solution. You no need to check the “Use internal player” and just select your Chromecast capable streamer.

How to Stream Movies with PS4

The PS4 stands for Play Station 4 which is the best one for movie lovers. It not only act as a Blu-ray player and also allow you to use streaming services like Netflix directly from the console. It has a complete host of fantastic movies  available for you to digitally purchase or rent directly from the PlayStation store. Recently, we found out by simply doing re-watch of all the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though, it is not the cheapest way to watch different movies in a row especially due to the fact that you have to buy certain movies because the PS Store won’t let you rent them.

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While I fully intend to purchase all of the MCU movies once a complete collection is released. At that time, I really don’t have too many options other than trying to point out how I could watch some of the films for free directly from my PS4. So, I started doing a bit of research and ultimately found a few different ways to do it, and most of them are accessed through the one PlayStation 4 app which doesn’t really get used a whole lot… the PS4 web browser.

How to Stream Movies with PS4?

Google Your Movie

The first step is to simply use the search bar and type “(Movie title) free online”. You’ll get an overwhelming amount of results from a variety of different sites, and the best way to find one that’ll work for you is to simply start clicking and see what works and what doesn’t. You may have to exit out of more than a few pop-ups, but I very quickly and easily found movies this way.


This is one of the biggest free movie sites and will often be at the top of your search results if you use the previous method. It’s usually a safe go-to and will almost always have the movie you’re looking for on the very first page that you land on, saving you from having to click through a bunch of different (and potentially dangerous) links. Watch out for pop-ups when you press “play.”


Another site similar to Putlocker, Movie-Tube has a wide range of popular films available for you to watch at a moment’s notice. When you are pressing the “play”, you can run into a pop-up but holding Circle should immediately close it out. Make sure to press the right video as this site has been known to confuse some visitors with a lot of fake links.


Suppose, if you are having a lot of digital movies on your PC and want to watch them from your PS4 without doing any sort of wired file transfer, you can simply download the free app “Plex”. It will helps you to watch movies in your own library on any device that has the app downloaded, and the PS4 app works wonderfully. This is perfect for tor-renting movies on your computer and then watching them directly from your PlayStation.